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The Oldest Beigel Bakery in the UK – Perhaps in the world

Open since 1855, we know that the Beigel shop in Brick Lane is the oldest beigel bakery in the UK. The oldest we have been able to find in North America dates from around 1900, but what about Europe? Following the Holocaust and the pogroms […]

Shalom Bakery – The kings of handmade

It was realy great to film with the team at Shalom Bakery in Gants Hill. These guys are some of the very few to still hand roll their bgels in the UK and their skill is awesome. You will see a lot more of them […]

More Than A Roll With A Hole – Teaser

“It came from a plot worthy of a Dan Brown thriller, driven by intolerance to become a world favourite – Everyone loves a Bagel.” Just Green-Lit by Paul Stewart Media and Moving Features Ltd. “More Than A Roll With A Hole” is a documentary which […]