A great trip to North America taking in Washington D.C., New York City and Montreal, filming for “More Than A Roll With A Hole”. We met and interviewed some amazing bagel bakers and found the only person we’ve met outside London who agrees that the correct pronunciation is beigel. It was fantastic to meet firstly with Mr Marvin Lender. He and his brother Murray revolutionised the worlds of both the bagel and fast food, but you’ll have to see the film to find out how.

Mr Marvin Lender from MTARWAH ©Moving Features Ltd. 2019

Next on to New York to meet up with Josh Russ Tupper of Russ and Daughters, the oldest bagel bakers in the city and purveyors of the very finest New York bagels, smoked fish, caviar and schmears. Really great people who really care about their history.

Russ and Daughters on East Houston Street New York Citty ©Moving Features Ltd. 2019
Not just lox at Russ and Daughters ©Moving Features Ltd. 2019

Then we went to Montreal to get the facts about the Montreal Bagel, a tasty sub-genre of the “holey” roll. Where better to go than Fairmount Bagel, celebrating its 100th year. This was the first bagel bakery in the city and the birth place of a very special type of bagel, where they still use a traditional wood fired oven. We met with co-owner Irwin Shalfman, grandson of the founder and also met his son, the fourth generation in the business. The skill of their bakers has to be seen to be believed, so you’ll have watch the film to find out more.

Fairmount Bagel 100 years old and going strong©Moving Features Ltd. 2019
Mr. Irwin Shalfman of Fairmount Bagel ©Moving Features Ltd. 2019

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